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WITH.C exports products that are healthy for Nature and Us in 2 Business area: Vegan Food and Beauty.
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Korean Vegan Food

WITH.C have a special seaweed products at a reasonable price which is made by the "9th Korea Seafood Grand Master".

Korean Vegan Beauty

Check out OEM services for our Ready made Vegan Cosmetics and ODM services that reflect customer opinions.

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We are working with dozens of manufacturers. We can provide the best informations so that you can get the best deal.

Eco-Friendly Products

WITH.C mainly supplies nature- friendly products that protect the earth and life.

Real-time communication

Mitigated online trade drawbacks with real-time English communication with Chat or Video/phone call.

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The Vegan Food market grows by approximately 13% annually, while the Vegan Cosmetics market experiences a growth rate of about 6% yearly. Currently, the remaining 98% of the population, 7.6 billion people, except 180 million vegans, represent potential customers for Vegan products.

With 40 years of experience distributing Korean Seaweed, WITH.C have provided the best products under the best conditions by closely examining the manufacturing process, which is unknown to customers. 

To expand my Vegan business, we started a Vegan Cosmetics business and seperated it for professionalism. It can fostered customers’ brands by providing efficient and professional services.

We have helped grow the Vegan Market through partnerships with many manufacturers. 

In business, time is money. Would you prefer to invest your time or entrust us to guide you swiftly to your goals? 

WITH.C offers the shortcut.

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When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. Even after the customer receives the product, we will continue to provide updated information that is helpful to the customer through After Care Service, including the satisfaction of the end consumer. 

We will pursue transactions that grow together with our customers by  prioritizing their feedback.

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